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Considered by most Europeans and others, as the most beautiful country in South Eastern Europe, Romania still claims regions of a famous medieval past. One of the most important economic activities in Romania is tourism.

Because it is a country with access to the Black Sea, The Danube and The Carpathian Mountains, is very diversified, offering people who want to visit the country, a significant number of possibilities.
A 3-4 hour trip by car can take you from The Danube to Transylvania, a region famous for its beautiful sights or even from our beautiful Capital to the Black Sea shore.

To visit Romania for both personal and work interests our company's website Car Rental offers a wide range of possibilities to move all across Romania and beyond, in the best conditions, at the best prices and for all categories of people who want to enjoy full mobility. Comfort is guaranteed !
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We are a private company  in the Baneasa airport area, specialized in car rental for both personal and business use. Our company offers customers a wide range of compact cars, medium, business, premium, all-road and large commercial cars.More»

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